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Our technicians work with homeowners and businesses to navigate the complicated and stressful experience of having a roof replaced or repaired. We provide honesty, transparency, ethical work, and top-notch communication. You make the decision that’s best for you.

Make an Educated Choice

As a Colorado resident, you already know that we live in one of the most active hail markets in the country. What you may not know is that ASPHALT shingle warranties do not protect your home against hail damage but only manufacture defects. In today’s hail restoration market you have a greater decision to make. As insurance deductibles and premiums continue to rise you should consider a more permanent solution for your home. We specialize in the sale and installation of non-prorated HAIL WARRANTIED products. Hail warrantied products will lower your insurance premiums, save you money on future deductibles and end the threats of dropping your coverage for repeat hail claims. 

Make your next roof your last and work with a company that focuses on referrals and not repeat installations. 

What can you expect from Red Line Restoration?

Meet with a Red Line
Restoration representative

Schedule a time to have
your roof inspected

Make an
educated decision

Let us handle
the paperwork

Choose your materials
and color

We will inform and plan
your desired build date


Completion and final quality checks. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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